Sdiri Ali
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Informations générales
Nom & Prénom : Ali Sdiri
Date de naissance : Lundi 01 Janvier 1979 à Mahres
Situation familiale : Married
Site web :
Email :

- Geo-environmental Sciences

- Wastewater treatments

- Geomaterials

- Catalysis

- Chemical engineering

- Contruction and building materials

Scolarité & Diplômes
  • Faculty of Life and Environmental SciencesTsukubaIbarakiJapan
    2008-04 to 2012-03 PhD in Geo-environmental Sciences)







  • Faculty of SciencesSfaxTunisia
    2004-09 to 2006-06 Master  (Geosciences)


  • National Engineering SchoolSfaxTunisia
    2001-09 to 2004-06 Engineering degree



- Contruction materials

- Quarrying technologies

- Hydraulic binders

- Geopolymers

- Characterisation techniques

- Integrated approaches for environmental management

- Techniques of wastewater treatment

- Ceramics and glasses

- Clays and carbonates

Potential use of the lower cretaceous clay (Kef area, Northwestern Tunisia) as raw material to supply ceramic industry
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Water resource management for sustainable development
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Geological and technological characterization of the Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous clay deposits (Jebel Ammar, northeastern Tunisia) for ceramic industry
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1 2017
Efficient removal of cadmium and 2-chlorophenol in aqueous systems by natural clay: Adsorption and photo-Fenton degradation processes
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25 2016
Chemical and technological characterization and beneficiation of Jezza sand (North West of Tunisia): Potentialities of use in industrial fields
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Reconstruction of the Late Cretaceous-Paleocene paleoenvironment (northern Tunisia) from biostratigraphy, geochemistry and clay mineralogy
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International Conference on Integrated Management of the Environment-ICIME 2014
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Late Cretaceous and Palaeocene clays of the northern Tunisia: potential use for manufacturing clay products
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Characterization of the Ain Khemouda halloysite (western Tunisia) for ceramic industry
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Assessment of electrical generation potential and viability of gas collection from fugitive emissions in a Tunisian landfill
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Physical–chemical characterization of Tunisian clays for the synthesis of geopolymers materials
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Journal of African Earth Sciences 103, 113-120
Expérience professionnelle
Membre association

- Associtaion tunisienne de la geologie appliquée (ATGA) - Assiciation tunisienne des argiles (ATA) - japan society of soil science and plant nutrition (JSSSPN)