Conférence Internationale sur les Matériaux Avancés CIMA 2019 et Workshop sur les Géopolymères
Date de création: 10 Jun 2019



The Laboratory of Advanced Materials (ENIS- University of Sfax) organize the “1st International Conference on Advanced Materials (CIMA2019)”and Workshop on Geopolymers animated by Professor Joseph DAVIDOVITS. The development of new materials is key in the progress of the world. Indeed, there is a plethora of research work that is multiplying around the globe. Researchers share knowledge, know-how and innovation to develop new and increasingly efficient materials. These will provide solutions to tangible problems such as efficiency, safety and sustainability. Furthermore, these advanced materials seek to incorporate energy savings and reduced environmental footprint. CIMA2019 aims to bring together researchers and scientists from academia and R&D laboratories around the world to discuss and exchange latest progress and development on Advanced Materials.

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